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How do I protect my investments from loss?

The number one fear of investors is losing money. However, as we will explain, the risk of a permanent loss of investment capital has actually never happened in the stock market for investors with the patience and emotional control to ride out the temporary volatility inherent in stock prices. Every bear market in history has faded with time and eventually yielded to much higher stock prices.

Technology Is Changing Retirement, Are You Changing Too?

“We’re living longer – and healthier – than our predecessors, because of advancements in nutrition, medicine, public health, and sanitation during the last century. And now, thanks to innovation in technology, we’re transforming growing older into a more vibrant period of life that’s about living better as much as it is about living longer.”

How To Retire Happy

Though it may seem counterintuitive, even though we see a depletion of physical, financial, social, and perhaps even cognitive resources, emotional well-being in older adulthood is high in comparison to other stages of life.

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